Fuji X Series

The Fujifilm X mirrorless system does away with the bulk of traditional DSLRs without sacrificing image quality, performance, and features. Designed to be easy to handle, and intuitive to operate, you’re sure to fall in love with photography again as soon as you pick up a Fujifilm X camera. From the lightweight X-A5 to the powerhouse X-T2, Fujifilm offers plenty of options for everyone. See what you’ve been missing, and find out what you should be missing.

Fujifilm X-PRO2 Body (Black)

  • 24.3 Megapixel X-TRANS III CMOS sensor
  • Hybrid viewfinder
  • 15 of Fujifilm’s legendary film simulation modes
  • Full-time focus lever to instantly change focus points
  • 91 AF points

$1,949.99 SAVE $250


X-Pro2 Body
$1,9499.99 SAVE $250
X-PRO2 Graphite 23mm f2 Kit
$2,649.99 SAVE $250
X-T2 Body
$1,749.99 SAVE $350
X-T2 18-55mm Kit
$2,124.99 SAVE $355
X-T20 Body
$1,024.99 SAVE $125
X-T20 16-50mm Kit
$1,174.99 SAVE $125
X-T20 18-55mm f2 Kit
$1,424.99 SAVE $125
X-T100 Body
X-T100 15-45mm Kit
X-A5 16-50mm Kit
$1,524.99 SAVE $125